An In-Depth Look At The Types Of Personal Injury

Do you know the category of personal injury you are suffering from exactly? There are a numerous types of injuries that are personal. They have a broad list like injuries that take place in work field, when you suffer from illness or accident in foreign land, injuries while playing a sport, injury due to criminal case and finally military injuries.

There are personal injury companies or law firms, claims assessment companies that contain so many people who are trained within a large scope of injury and accidental cases .These personal injuries are very unusual and unprecedented in nature. The expert team are trained to comment and give suggestion for all aspect in the injury case and to submit the claim of compensation for several causes of injury.


You have to do a lot research and study to know that under which category of personal injury your case falls. Every category will have a series of the commonest personal injuries with some additional one, which may be unfamiliar to you.

Each of the cases of personal injury has a detailed description as to the details of the injury, the reason of its occurrence with suggestion to prohibit any future injury or accidents.

Negligence is an important reason of personal injury

The main factor in all personal injury cases is known to be negligence. Suppose you have suffered an injury because of a third person’s negligence or his or her shortage of care and duty. You can be then entitled to get compensation.

But this you have to prove in front of the legal agents. If you go after one particular claim but it is found that somehow you have contributed in this injury case in a particular way then this will decrease the value of compensation that you may receive.

This all is dependent on the weightage of proof. You will have to offer proper testimony that your injury was due to somebody else’s blunder not by any action from your part. Personal injuries can happen due to an accident, other may happen due to a shortage of negligence or care. The main issue is verifying that your personal injury case is the result of lack of care and duty or accident.

There are some actions you can take after a personal injury

If you have suffered an injury then you have to take some major decisions. These will include your decision to which you will report your accident, make a complaint or pursue a compensation claim.

A significant aspect in every personal injury cases of course your finances. If you have suffered injury during playing a sport or because of a car accident, then you need some break from you work life to get back to your normal health and form. This definitely will mean a reduction of earnings and you will face a severe economic crunch. Counselling or legal advice is recommended after a personal injury.  

Compensation system is on the rise

Compensation is now a filthy thing for a lot of people. It is now a cause of some problems in our social structure. A group of people has the opinion that now it is so easy to get compensation for simple matters which are not personal injury cases.


Know About Different Types Of Personal Injury

Personal injury can happen any time to anyone without a notice. This mishap can disorient your life completely. There are various kinds of personal injuries which can occur daily. These injuries can take place because of the impact of an accident, trauma of a physical onslaught or sickness. The kind of illness, accident you face will pin down the degree and type of your injury.


There are a numerous variety of personal injury categories

Some are listed here:

  • Sickness, accidents in foreign place
  • Spinal cord, Brain
  • Injury due to abuse and crime
  • defective products
  • negligence  in Medical field
  • Road accidents
  • injuries  due to Sports
  • Injury in Transport vehicles
  • Accidents, illness in your work field

All the above mentioned types are the commonest forms of personal injuries that can happen such as falling and slipping at work.

Personal injuries are differentiated into two categories – Physical and Psychological. It can also include health illness. Suppose you had faced a car accidents, or excessive work stress .This is an example of psychological and physical injury. You may get infected with food poising during a ship journey or an illness due to working with asbestos. These are examples of injury due to sickness and diseases.

Some common physical injury

There are some very common physical personal injury like Back bone injuries which can be due to raising heavy , awkward things. There can be disorder due to traumatic stress caused be road accident. Take the case of whiplash due to a car accident. Injuries in your hand or wrist, injury in ear may be caused because of noise deafness. Injury in the head can be due to physical onslaught, road accidents, or playing some sport.

There can be psychological or psychiatric injuries including stress, when you get criticized or bullied in workplace and accidents etc. Injury in Leg happens due to so many reasons like playing a sport, during cycling, slipping, tripping and falling. Injury in Eye may be due to insertion of foreign particle in eye, splashes of chemical, playing sport or due to physical assault .Injury in the arm or hand may take place in your work area or lawyers, while playing sport etc. The above-mentioned types of physical injuries are the most common and these are generally expressed to solicitors, personal injury legal experts or lawyers and claims assessors.

Car accidents

Car accidents are often termed “road traffic accidents”. They are the cause of a huge percentage of claims of personal injury in the world. Other common examples are workplace accidents, injury due to criminal activity, defective or faulty products, tripping and accidents in holiday.

So at the end of the day you can say that there is potential for all kind of personal injury cases. Humans are of course physically active mammals, they interact with outside world and objects around and these injury or accidents are bound to happen any time. But you should remain careful to avoid such injuries in life.

What Steps You Should Follow After A Personal Injury

Personal injury though a very unwanted and sad incident in any of your life, but it may happen without any prior warning. There are some common categories of these injuries include road accidents, accidents due to tripping, home accidents, ship accidents in sea, assault injury, injury faced on holidays.

In most of your life you have come across personal injury. But many of you do not go for legal advice which is very displeasing and sad. A typical personal injury can be caused due to negligence on your part. But if the situation is that your injury was caused by someone else then it is but necessary for you to apply and utilize law for personal injury cases to assist the injured person.

When you look at it in a broad level, many cases of personal injury can happen such as  auto accidents , injury due to fall on slipping , use of damaged products .This can be identified as  specialized branch. You need to seek a perfect lawyer who has a lot of experience in handling these kinds of cases. In your own locality or nearby you can find a lawyer with a little bit of searching and asking reference from local people. But selecting a proper lawyer is not that simple. You should be aware of certain points before finalizing a lawyer and hiring from a firm.


Some basics to follow in this case

  • The most basic and foremost thing you should consider is that whether you will be actually able to file a case. To know this correctly you need the assistance of an injury attorney.
  • Please bear in mind that there can be various types of injuries on the basis of whom you can file a valid and proper case. You should first judge your position in such case with guidance of a legal expert.
  • You should not waste time and immediately take legal advice from a personal injury lawyer, more than one lawyers in fact is a good choice.
  • They will tell you whether your case is strong or not. All lawyers may not be able to help you get compensation, but a renowned and professional one will give you the best suggestion.

Some points you need to ask your Lawyer

  • How much of your time can you spend on the case?
  • Can you deal the complicated work related to police department and other sides of the case?
  • Have you ever dealt with personal injury case in your life?  
  • Do you know the amount of money associated with the services?

Basically you should ask all these simple points to the lawyer. Many lawyers will be working for their own firms. They cannot advice you every time but will have legal team to help you out in such cases. The cost will however depend on the complicacy and severity of the injury case. The best way is to clear everything about the payment system to your lawyer at the start. In some cases, the lawyer will ask for some advance and the rest charge after the case gets closed.